Water Quality Monitoring

The water quality monitoring system is part of our SmartLink for Building System, a system that holistically captures a variety of data depicting client’s overall condition based on information delivered by the sensors connected to our SmartLink system. Similar to these sensors, the water quality monitoring device is meant not only to obtain data readings and convey the results to the client, but also to allow our client to respond rapidly in addressing issues before they become too challenging to resolve (e.g., pipe corrosion, solids accumulation, and other harmful byproducts of an industrial process).


Our system is also designated as means to rapidly identify devices that are found to be malfunctioning, hence enabling both client and us to carry out maintenance necessary to ensure the devices would function within their normal operating characteristics, and to conduct devices replacement or repair in the event the devices are damaged.

To give an idea on how the system works, here’s the illustration on how the data from the field are collected on demand in real-time basis, and pushed to our system to get the relevant visualization.


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