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An article by Ashton published in the RFID Journal in 1999 said:

“If we had computers that knew everything there was to know about things - using data they gathered without any help from us - we would be able to track and count everything, and greatly reduce waste, loss and cost. We would know when things needed replacing, repairing or recalling, and whether they were fresh or past their best. We need to empower computers with their own means of gathering information, so they can see, hear and smell the world for themselves, in all its random glory.”

This is precisely what IoT does for us, it enables devices/objects to observe, identify and understand a situation or the surroundings without being dependent on human help. IoT (Internet of Things) is able to connect equipment or devices embedded in various systems to the internet. When devices/objects able to represent themselves digitally, they can be monitored or controlled from anywhere, allowing us to capture more data from different places, ensuring more ways of increasing efficiency as well as improving safety and security

IoT and IIoT (Industrial IoT) is a transformational force that helps companies improve their performance through IoT analytics to deliver better results. Businesses in various industries like utilities, oil & gas, manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure and retail can reap the benefits of IoT by making more informed decisions, aided by the torrent of interactional and transactional data at their disposal.

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Data Centers

Data Centers are increasingly under attack for their energy consumption and costly operations, it keeps increasing from time to time. So how do we keep them on track 24/7?

Commercial Buildings

Having all the functions in the operations monitored 24/7 and let it run at the highest efficiency possible is very important to building owners. Interested in finding out how?

Water Quality

Our water quality monitoring system is a part of our SmartLink for Building, that holistically captures variety of data depicting overall condition of the water 24/7


Doing a repetitive task effortlessly and minimizing human error is the essence of process automation. Tell us what's your operational challenges are and we'll be happy to help you

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Energy Efficiency

One of the greatest challenges in running a facility/operation is ensuring that power and cooling is operating at its highest energy efficiency, which in turn means lower operating costs for both the owner and customers.

The main components for a facility like Data centers are Power and Cooling, there is no single data center operate without these components, well of course if you’re in north or south pole, things may be a little different. Data centers are increasingly under attack for their energy consumption and costly operations, they keep increasing from time to time, thanks to the advancement in silicon technology.

HVAC Monitoring

HVAC is a major contributor to the maintenance and energy-related operating expenses of a facility. Without proper monitoring and analytics, issues with equipment may go in stealth-mode for weeks. Maintaining a cooling system can be a 24/7 major challenge. From making sure the air-flow flowing in your facility to keeping the temperature according to the SLA, but the purpose of a cooling system is much more than ensuring you are efficiently cooling various spaces.

But what happens when one piece of this complex system malfunctions? Hopefully, you’re immediately alerted when there’s a problem with anything in your CRAC systems, Ducts, Condensing units, and everything in between.

Report Customization

Without a real-time reporting system, an operation may find it difficult and challenging to make decisions. Manual readings taken weeks ago on a static report are no longer valid for today’s complex facility operations – where workloads, power consumption and temperatures vary widely throughout the day, and from day to day.

Our Monitoring System with its dashboard view will give you up-to-the minute information and track energy efficiency across single or multiple racks, rooms, complete floors, an entire data center or multiple data centers – domestically or globally. With a browser-based solution, anyone from the boardroom to the control room can access operational views of the entire data center.

Full IoT Integration

Both (Industrial) Internet of Things and SCADA has played a noteworthy role in enhancing the functions of remote monitoring. While most companies have already implemented SCADA systems in their operation, the IIoT has gradually expanded its functions in the field.

SCADA still plays a major role in the arena, as they are de facto standard (read: traditional) way of acquiring data from the field; These data is captured through BacNet or ModBus protocol and get read by the system through the controllers and PLC and kept as historical data where you see them continuously updating in the Command Center.

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