Full IoT Integration


Both (Industrial) Internet of Things and SCADA has played a noteworthy role in enhancing the functions of remote monitoring. While most companies have already implemented SCADA systems in their operation, the IIoT has gradually expanded its functions in the field.

SCADA still plays a major role in the arena, as they are de facto standard (read: traditional) way of acquiring data from the field; These data is captured through BacNet or ModBus protocol and get read by the system through the controllers and PLC and kept as historical data where you see them continuously updating in the Command Center.

While IoT (or IIoT) is being used to acquire data and get pushed directly via wireless means to the cloud and get processed from there, using MQTT protocol.


Our system is able to read these data passing through either SCADA or IoT, thanks to the smart integration mechanism we use in the system, and have them analyzed.

Studies show that more than 50% of corporate data never gets used for analytic purposes. That’s a huge waste of resources that could be directly improving your ROI, reducing customer losses, and increasing efficiency in your operation in so many ways.

When you look at analytics in this way, it becomes easier to understand why they’re most valuable when implemented as a unified system. When isolated, the narrative is incomplete — numbers are useful, but less so than when they’re presented in intuitive visualizations with predictions or suggestions for how to apply them. You miss out on the insights needed to improve decision-making. This is why we introduce Smartlink as the business intelligence tools for your operation.

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