Data Centers

Data centers have become an indispensable part of today’s modern computing infrastructures, housing MegaWatts of servers with tons of business-critical applications and information. As it evolves from centralized on-premises facilities to edge deployments to public cloud services, it’s clearly important to think how to maintain their reliability and security.

All kind of outages, data interruptions, and downtimes are expensive. According to Gartner, data center downtime costs $5,600 per minute on average. This results in average costs between $140,000 and $540,00 per hour depending on the organization. Good redundant system combined with preventive and predictive maintenance capabilities boosts equipment reliability and system availability.

A good system which can collect all kind of data from different types of equipment in Data Center is mandatory; Data center operations should now factor in more variables like Power/Energy required, Cooling, Security, Rack space and CPU availability in making the decisions; Not to mention we still have more data related to infrastructure components like UPS and Batteries, Fire System, Temperature and Humidity, PDUs, Branch Circuits, Generators, HVACs, etc.

In order to gather, analyze and make sense of this massive amount of data, we need a system to collect all the information so that they can be closely monitored, and on top of that having those information translated into the kind of information suitable for making decisions or even making a predictions, the industry is also using DCIM (Data Center Information Management) tools.

Processing cloud server data and security

Gartner analyst David J. Cappuccio states in the report DCIM: Going Beyond IT,  that data center managers cannot really control costs unless they have a real-time data center software offering to render an accurate view of their Facilities and IT components.

How can we help with your Data Center Operations? To help address this, we need to firstly list down common Data Center Operation issues and show how we can implement the proper monitoring means using our solution to help anyone responsible for the operational integrity of the facility to simplify their jobs.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Monitoring
  • Capacity Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Performance Management
  • Real-time Reporting

Our SmartLink for DC system is built with all of these functions to help you manage your operation. Talk to us and see what we can do.

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