Customized Report

Without a real-time reporting system, an operation may find it difficult and challenging to make decisions. Manual readings taken weeks ago on a static report are no longer valid for today’s complex facility operations Рwhere workloads, power consumption and temperatures vary widely throughout the day, and from day to day.


Our Monitoring System with its dashboard view will give you up-to-the minute information and track energy efficiency across single or multiple racks, rooms, complete floors, an entire data center or multiple data centers – domestically or globally. With a browser-based solution, anyone from the boardroom to the control room can access operational views of the entire data center.

In conclusion, the continuing proliferation of applications, data and platforms such as mobile devices will ensure that data centers will continue to grow, and our Monitoring System is here to ensure the continued flow of information and help IT managers to optimize their operations properly and avoid potential downtime.

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