Commercial Buildings

A typical operation in the Building, involves monitoring and managing facilities like security system, fire system, lighting, air conditioning, water, elevators, and others. Running all these facilities traditionally is definitely not a good thing to do. Let’s look at the typical scenario like what happen if the AC (air conditioner) is turned on in an empty room? What if the operation staff forgot to turn off the light at night? Or if they didn’t even come up to the office to do what they are supposed to do?


All these problems can be overcome by using our SmartLink for Building System, which monitor all these data and carry out all the functions in the building automatically with less to none human intervention in it. Our system uses a combination of sensors and pre-defined logic/algorithm to control all activities of building facilities, optimizing several systems in the building such as security systems, lights, air conditioning system, and others.

So, let’s talk how we can increase efficiency and reduce your operational cost with our Building Automation System.

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