Running a large facility that involves a lot of equipment in a multi-storey building can sometimes.. well most of the time be too much of a hassle. Especially when it involves repetitive task.

When it comes to get things done in this kind of environment, typical question is should I let people do all these tasks or let the machine does this? Well people is fairly well suited for repetitive tasks, they (read we) arrange their daily lives around repetitive tasks, often doing the same basic tasks for years with little variations, but we tend to be less productive when doing exact same things over and over again. Although there are some who would rather do the exact same thing because it gives them a secure feeling, and variations feel somewhat threatening… oops enough for human psychology.


Machine or system on the other hand are very rigid in the performance of the same task, they do not get bored with all kind of repetitions, they will not break or become less productive in a year doing the same thing. And most importantly they will not fail (given a redundant environment, etc).

So, how do we combine these human and machine ability into a solutions? Let’s have a discussion on how we can automate your process, whatever that might be.



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